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about this

Some explanations about this website

my resources:

- "Standard Catalog of AMERICAN CARS 1946-1975"
- "Standard Catalog of AMERICAN CARS 1976-1999"
- "Standard Catalog of AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS 1960-1972"
- "Standard Catalog of AMERICAN LIGHT-DUTY TRUCKS 1896-2000"
- "Der Unschätzbare Klassiker 1995" (Hamar Verlag GmbH) [german]
- "auto katalog" modelyear 1970 - modelyear 2014 [german]

These books and magazines I used for the identification and as source for the specification. I suppose there are some mistakes due to the conversion from or to the metric system. To avoid such mistakes I try to be as careful as possible, but I have to believe the information given in the magazines an books specified above. They are not completely accurate, too, I presume.

the specifications:

SAE-hp = SAE gross horsepower
net-hp = SAE net horsepower
bhp = brake horsepower
1.014 net-hp = 1 DIN-hp
1.3558 lb.ft. = 1 Nm
1 cu.in. = 16.387 cm³
1 cc. = 1 cubic centimeter
i4, i6 etc = inline four/six cylinder
V6, V8 etc = V-type engine
W12, W16 etc = W-Type engine
flat-4, flat-6 etc = flat engine, engine with opposed cylinder
1bbl, 2bbl, etc. = 1 barrel carburettor, 2 barrel carburettor
carb. = carburettor
FI = fuel injection
EFI = electronic fuel injection
EFDI = electronic fuel direct-injection
CNG = compressed natural gas
LPG = liquefied petroleum gas
+tc = turbocharged
+sc = supercharged
td = turbocharged diesel
tddi = turbocharged diesel with direct injection
el./elec. = electric engine
1 mph = 1.609344 kph
1 in = 25.4 mm
1 lb = 0.4536 kg
RWD = rear wheel drive
AWD = all wheel drive
FWD = front wheel drive
The specifications are always facts released by the manufacturer. They are for the standard equipped car. Exception: the performance-data were sometimes recorded by the tester of a car magazine.

the pictures:

The pictures were all taken by myself. There are some exceptions, pictures taken by a good friend of mine. I'm going to mark them, to see which are mine, and which are his pictures. The images don't represent the specification given for the car, sometimes the car was customized by its owner.

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